Vitaq AI is a continuous test automation tool that uses AI machine learning algorithms to auto-generate tests. It creates the tests themselves from a Test Activity (model) of the application you’re testing and integrates with Selenium and Appium to execute those tests.

Vitaq AI, is a new model based AI-driven test automation tool that works seamlessly with Selenium, Appium, Scriptworks, all CI tools, Applitools and Saucelabs.  Delivered in Docker for Mac, Windows and Linux. Vitaq has been developed to increase UI and API test creation productivity and find software functional bugs that other approaches miss

AI-driven, Coverage-led | Continuous autonomous testing with JavaScript, Python or NoCode


Vitaq AI demo 

Demonstration of Vitaq AI continuous autonomous testing using Appium and Selenium


Our Business

How We Got Here

We’ve put 50 developer years into this ground breaking idea designed to contribute towards better software quality. We invented a continuous exploratory model-based test activity technique for testing software systems. Over several years we have helped successfully deploy this solution on some of digital industries most difficult test problems including AI-based applications. Finding defects that other approaches miss and helping to auto-generate millions of new effective tests.


Now after ten years of innovating and four generations of our tool, we have extended this powerful auto-test generation technique into AI machine learning algorithms, JavaScript, Python and visual programming with user-journey coverage metrics making it easy to use, low cost and a highly productive test automation tool


What We Do

Our intelligent model-based test activity diagram describes the user journeys and scenarios required to test your UI, API or Software System.  


The Vitaq user selects which user-journeys to focus test execution for and the machine-learning algorithms will optimize the auto-generation of data-driven tests to ensure maximum QA coverage with the optimal number of tests.

Our patented AI-driven dynamic user-journey variability approach will continuously explore your test space with elastic bot-cohorts to find defects that other approaches miss


All the time Vitaq is running it will monitor, measure and analyse the increase in your user-journey and use-case QA coverage.

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